Infinity Mirror Workshop

21st November 2021, we had an infinity mirror workshop at Sparkhaus. Our 10 guests had a great time learning how to solder the electronics, modify the picture frame and apply the one way mirrored film.

Maslow CNC Build

Big big thanks to Pete Humble for ordering, Pete Micallef for helping pick up all the lumbar, Jeremy Funke for general engineering wizardry and problem solving extraordinaire, Ned Haughton and Felix for bringing badass programming and design skills to 3D print and laser cut custom parts for the router, Bernard for supplying the perfect router […]

Introducing Sparkvent

We are really excited to announce what we’ve been working on – Sparkvent. Its an open source ventilator made from easy-to-acquire components. Take a look at for more info, and check out the video below, or drop into for more info.