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Sparkhaus' STORY

It started with a backyard full of tools and not enough space to use them. Its journey continues with a decked out makerspace studio in Islington, Newcastle.
Sparkhaus’ co-founder Leanna dreamed of bringing the makerspace community feel she experienced back in her home state of Arizona, USA to her new home in Newcastle, Australia. Through many ups and downs, they have created a safe working space for anybody to make their creative visions a reality.
What makes Sparkhaus different?
They steer away from the bureaucracy within creative institutions and instead focus on the essence of the ‘maker’. Limitless environment – just a pure and diverse DIY atmosphere.


Feel welcome in a space where you belong, no matter your background or story.


Expand your creative knowledge and skills with our regular workshops and training days.


If you can dream it, you can create it! With our tools and equipment, the options are limitless.


Encourage and be encouraged by other passionate makers in the studio every time you visit.

Community of Makers

Sparkhaus is an environment unlike any other. When you combine like-minded people and a stimulating environment, you can let your creativity run wild in a maker-filled social circle that will encourage you every step of the way.

No competition, judgment or exclusions – you are always welcome in our space!

Spark Your Creativity

Our mission is to build a vibrant creative group you can feel a part of, even when you are not in the studio. Our members come from all walks of life, and Sparkhaus takes pride in providing opportunities for everyone to be engaged. Learners, Teachers, Artists, Craftsmen, Mentors and Female Makers: re-engage with life and learning, to re-imagine your future.

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