Opening Day was a win

Every man, woman, child and dog…

So we kicked off with a lovely bang, great people, and a lovely vibe – kids and dogs and people from all over the place, old friends and new. The laser cutter was a big hit particularly with the kids (and the big kids), as was the retro video game machine.

The view from out front.

The view from the mezz
OMG, What the fluff?
Just laser cutting some sheep.
Angela and Sacha 3D printing stuff
Laurie and Sach taste-testing “The Legend of Red Beard” brewed in honour of Laurie for his awesome work building the mezz.

Thank you all to came along, especially those that made a bit of trek from out of town (Grant, Angela, and Juno). And thank you to who helped build this thing especially BOSS, Burners Without Borders, Newcastle City Council Community Place Making Grant, and everyone who put in some yards welding, nailing, building, (swearing), donating, writing, hash tagging, and making. And big ups to Laurie for the amazing mezzanine, and Leanna from magicking this thing out of thin air.

Here’s to the beginning of big adventure. Can’t wait to see what we make with this big beautiful thing.

Love and frickin laser beams