Sparkhaus News – June 2019 edition


Our lease is signed!! Say hello to Sparkhaus 2.0 with fellow collaborators Curious Legends, and Lovelorn Studios. Our new address is 2/24 John Hooker St, Islington, and likely this is our new forever-home.  The small industrial complex backs up to the Styx River/Throsby Creek, and is right next to the Islington Public School. Below you will see a couple rough ideas of 1. What the space looks like 2. An idea of what it could look like (thanks Benny for the concept drawing).

What this means for existing and potential new members – over the space of the next few weeks/months, a lot of our attention and efforts will revolve around moving and getting set up again in the new space, and the existing space will be in a bit of a shambles while we get packed and moved over. We apologise for the disruption – however, once we are moved in and settled, we think it will have been worth the wait.

In terms of logistics, THIS WEEK:  – we need boxes for moving, and sets of hands. Everything has to be cleared from the mezzanine before we can disassemble it. Possible shared 3T Pantech with Curious Legends; what we cannot send over this week, we will finish next week (July 1) We might also end up needing additional vehicles. If you have something that you might like to use to assist with moving, or even if you just want to come along and sweat with us while we haul stuff, hit us up on the contact page 🙂

*As soon as we get keys, keep a watch on the Members Nexus page for time and date of showing. Fingers crossed for Tuesday!  

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