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Membership Agreement

Hello! Welcome to Sparkhaus Studio (Sparkhaus),
a Newcastle Makerspace ABN 20 616 233 092.

Sparkhaus is a space for makers, creators, tinkerers, and dreamers to build and create; and for you to help others do the same. Sparkhaus is also home to Newcastle-based Burning Seed Theme Camps, Mind Sub and Dirty Birds.

As a member of Sparkhaus, you’ll receive the following:

  • Access to Sparkhaus via a RFID key/keycode/key
  • Access to use the premises for construction, meetings, and workshops
  • Access to Laser cutter, CNC router, 3D printer(s), numerous sewing machines, all the hand and power tools available, a multitude of electronics equipment note some items require induction training
  • A 60L personal storage container
  • A chance to be part of something exciting and rewarding (good feels – yay!)
  • Voting privileges in the not-for-profit organisation


Before you get started creating, here are some important points about being a member at Sparkhaus:


Be excellent to each other

When in doubt, this rule wins all conflicts. Essentially it means that while your interactions with the members and resources in the space should be fun and valuable to you, you will get a lot more out of them if you put more in. A key part of being excellent is thinking about Sparkhaus (and the warehouse itself) as a whole as if everything were our individual responsibility, i.e. from paying bills to teaching classes to sweeping and emptying the trash. This is the essence of do-ocracy.

Being excellent is about having a sense of humour, about taking responsibility for your actions, and about being quick to forgive others. We are a community. We encourage you to improve Sparkhaus and to put back into our community. When you do so, it’s important to take into consideration how your actions will affect others. Be aware that not everyone has the same values, principles, and needs as you.

Sparkhaus is a do-ocracy. This means that if you want to see something happen, the best person to make it happen is yourself. If it’s excellent and it improves Sparkhaus for the many, we would love to see it. Chat to people about your ideas for new cool stuff for Sparkhaus, or put it on the Magic Board (wish list)


Your property and Sparkhaus

As a member, Sparkhaus will provide you with a 60L plastic storage container for your projects. If you require more space, you can approach the executive committee for another container. If you have your own equipment you would like to use at Sparkhaus, and it cannot be stored in your container, members can loan their equipment to the Makerspace. This means that any member of Sparkhaus may also use your equipment. If there is a repair or consumable cost associated with the use of your equipment, please approach the executive or group to work out a solution prior to making your equipment accessible. All equipment must be tested and tagged before general use in Sparkhaus.

Donations are happily accepted!! Approach any of the executive team. Equipment will be labelled with your name; materials will be made available to the members.

Membership is a must if you want to make stuff!

Do-ocracy: Be the change you want to see

Donations to Sparkhaus Studio

Membership is important as it gives you the right to use Sparkhaus. Non members are not permitted to use equipment at Sparkhaus, unless it is an open day, workshop, workerbee, or otherwise noted. The membership process is easy! All you have to do is join up, and do the inductions and trainings. Make sure your membership is up to date and the people building with you are members.



If you see someone doing unsafe (dumb!) stuff, stop them and ask them what they are doing. Learn to use the equipment; safety first. This means:

  • Using all equipment in accordance with the manufacturer’s directions and any safety instructions
  • Using any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Ensuring the equipment you use is in good repair and condition and if necessary, electrically tagged
  • Ensuring that you understand how to use the equipment. If you have not used it before, get training or ask someone who does have experience to help you.
  • Using equipment with due care
  • Do not bring any dangerous goods including but not limited to explosive, flammable or corrosive fluids or chemicals into the Sparkhaus space without prior written consent.
  • If in doubt, please phone Leanna 0400458889 or Hamish 0405565113 Disregard for safety will jeopardise your membership and your privileges at Sparkhaus.



There is an avid homebrew culture within Sparkhaus = craft beer on tap. There is a donation box on top the fridge for you to contribute to when you have a frosty one – this keeps the beer flowing happily and steadily.

Order is important. “Build then beer”, never “beer then build”. Note, it is strictly prohibited for people under the influence to operate any equipment. Do not operate any equipment while under the influence of alcohol or any other substance, or allow any other person to operate equipment whilst under the influence. No exceptions.


Makerspace General Requirements:

  • Keep the space in as good a condition as possible to let everyone work. If you need to leave a project on a workspace, get a *parking permit* or place into the “long term project” space
  • Make sure you leave shared work spaces clean; items left will be “put away”
  • Large projects rock. However, if they are not being actively worked on, please take them home
  • Sometimes a do-ocracy leads to conflict. A disagreement is no excuse for poor behaviour or poor manners.
  • We prefer collaboration to competition, try to work together rather than compete when you disagree on a solution.
  • When disagreements arise, consult others. There’s a heap of good humans around.
  • When unsure, ask for help. We would hate for you to break property, or even worse, break yourself due to misunderstanding equipment.
  • Respect Sparkhaus Studio and Loaned property as if it were your own. It is excellent to keep everything in the best condition for everyone to use. If you damage property that is not your own, please report this immediately and we will work out a solution (which may have you paying for the replacement or repair of that property, so take care!).
  • Sparkhaus strives to be an inclusive and safe space for all to participate in. We believe that in the absence of true equality in our society, we should aim to provide equity to our members and the participating public.
  • Consent is everything. Please do not use/take out stored property that is not yours without permission. Do not take photos of members without permission.
  • You must complete all required courses, training, inductions or other approvals before using equipment or machinery made available in Sparkhaus and comply with all relevant user requirements. Keep watch on the noticeboard, email, and website for training sessions being offered.
  • You must use appropriate protective equipment when applicable, including when using equipment or machinery. This may include appropriate footwear, clothing, gloves, goggles or hearing protection, among other things.
  • You understand that all storage of personal property, either brought in from outside or created at the Sparkhaus, is your exclusive responsibility, and that storage is subject to approval by us at our absolute discretion.
  • You acknowledge that we retain the right to revoke membership and admission to the Sparkhaus at any time at our absolute discretion and with no refund.
  • You may not, without our express written consent, conduct retail sales in the Sparkhaus space.


Shelfcatraz – These are shelves located on the premises but out of the way of the work spaces. If a project is left on a shared space without notice, the project will get sent here and owner will attempt to be notified. There is limited space at Sparkhaus Studio. If after 14 days, the property remains w no word from owner, the property will be considered abandoned and disposed of properly.


Sparkhaus Equipment

60W Laser cutter/engraver (use is subject to completion of induction) Laser Daddy: Hamish Meares; Ben Brice

Acrylic – general use outside laser room unless otherwise labelled (use is subject to completion of induction)
Circular saw(s)
Drill Press

Compound Mitre Saw
Drop saw
Scroll saw
Bench grinders
Planer/jointer (use is subject to completion of induction)

Wood lathe (use is subject to completion of induction)


Table saw (use is subject to completion of induction)

Small Power tools
Hand tools

3D printers (use is subject to completion of induction), filament

Badge/button making electronic and hand presses
Hand held engraver

Green screen materials
Large tables for working
iMac (in the office) – loaded up with the complete Adobe Creative Suite
Vinyl cutter (use is subject to completion of induction)
Plasma cutter (use is subject to completion of induction)

Stick/MIG/TIG welder (use is subject to completion of induction)

Industrial overlocker
Sewing machines
Large table for cutting/working at Miscellaneous fabric Miscellaneous haberdashery

Electronics workbenches Arduino/raspberry PI accessories Soldering irons

Voltage meters


Important contact info:

Sparkhaus lease holder: Leanna Pugliese 0400458889, or
Urgent repairs (i.e. burst water line, broken toilet, electrical fault): contact Leanna 0400458889


By signing this document, you agree to participate in a safe manner and in accordance with the above terms within and around Sparkhaus.