Sparkhaus Moving Day

Today is the day folks! Its out with the old, and in to the new.

We’re going to get a truck, put all the things in it, drive it to the new place, and take all the things out again. Sounds pretty easy right? Well, it will be, because you and a bunch of other people will come help! So if 1,000 people turn up, we each only have to move like 1 thing each, and then we can drink beers and celebrate!

Stage/Set Design and Lighting

Going to build a festival or production stage/set? Want the techniques to dial in that “wow” factor?
High quality production value doesn’t have to cost a fortune!!
With a brief introduction to lighting principles we will show you how to add value to any set and achieve professional results using low/no cost techniques. Learn industry tips and hacks while we create lighting designs of practical use to the group.

Our instructor, Colleen, comes w 20+ years experience in Hollywood and Australia teaching and doing film production and lighting. She is a current instructor and owner/director of 24FPS.

Optional: Bring some stage/set props, lighting
We will go through the best way to use them

Cost $30 Sparkhaus members
$45 non members

Stage/set Design & Lighting

3D Printing 101

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In this first session we will look at:
* Where you find designs to print (discover the thingiverse!)
* How to make your own designs
* How to 3D print your design

We will take you through all the steps from how to: choose a good design to print, how to prepare your 3D design for printing with a free slicer computer program that slices the 3D design into layers for printing, which materials you can use to print and how to choose the best material for the job, tips and tricks for getting the best results from your printer, how to load the plastic filament for printing, and last but definitely not least, how to print your design.

We will cover common 3D printing problems and how to solve them. We’ll even take a quick peek under the hood into the gcode that is the language that the slicer users to tell your printer what to do.

We will supply the 3D printers, the plastic filament, and the know how.
You bring your:
sense of humour,
any designs you want to print,
some means of connecting to the internet like your smart phone, etc.


If you’d like, install some free 3D design software on your laptop like Meshmixer which is a lot of fun and quite powerful ( or if you are more an engineery-tech-drawing-kind-of-person have a look at Fusion360 (

Also, slicer programs depending on which printer you are would like to use: Ultimaker printers and similar use cura ( or for Makerbot Replicator or Creator Forge use Flashprint (

if you have your own 3d Printer, bring it in if you’d like to troubleshoot any problems or would like be shown a few simple but excellent tricks for optimising your prints.

Everyone will go home with their own 3D print, some free software, and a whole lot of new know-how on how to get started with 3D printing.

The teacher will be available for an hour after class in case any prints take a bit longer to print, or if you have any questions.

Cost: $20 Sparkhaus members
$30 non members

3D Printing 101

Stay Sharp – Knife Sharpening Workshop

Even the best of tools are useless, unless properly sharpened.
We will go through all knowledge needed to sharpen just about anything from knifes, scissors, razorblades, wood and leather tools, drills…. Followed by a hands on demonstration using a variety of different stones where everyone can have a go. We will also pick an object from one of you to do the demonstration so bring something with you to sharpen.
Members: $15
Non members: $20
Tickets available at event, or can be purchased below.

Stay Sharp knife sharpening workshop

Maslow CNC Build Part 2 Sunday 3rd March 10am-2pm

In the last build, we did an awesome job making the frame and deconstructing the router for the z-axis motor. Last bit we need to do is 1) mount a mobile base (maybe), 2) the motors and hardware and 3) hook up the electronics and laptop and then we’re away!